Guidlines for Specimen Preparartions


Specimen Handling For Routine Submissions: 


Totally immerse immediately each specimen in a tightly secured container with 10% neutral buffered formalin 

Use a separate container for each specimen 

Do not crush the specimen with forceps, hemostats, or other instruments. Cautery will cause heat artifact. 

DO NOT FREEZE the specimens


Do not force a large specimen into a small container. Formalin volume to specimen ratio should be 10:1. 

Label each container (not the lid) with patient's name and source of specimen. Complete a Histopathology test requisition and send with specimen. 

Each container and specimen must be separately identified on the test requisition. 

The test requisition should contain patient's date of birth, sex, clinical information and anatomic source of tissue 

We can accept wet specimens, paraffin blocks or pre-prepared slides. All samples are organised and accurately logged and tracked by trained professionals, ensuring integrity of the process. All pre-prepared blocks and slides are returned and residual wet tissue can also be returned if required. 


Specimen Handling For Immunohistochemistry (IHC): 


Submit formalin fixed paraffin embedded blocks/4m sections on coated glass slides. Preferably submit one routinely stained H & E section of the block with appropriate clinical history and copy of Histopathology report 


Alternatively submit specimens as for Routine Histopathology 

Unstained FNA smears are also acceptable. Submit 2 smears for each marker requested