Quality Management


Patho Lab Diagnostics has a total commitment to quality. 

There is a formal Quality Assurance Program, which provides a systematic method for continually monitoring and evaluating the quality of our laboratory service. 


The ultimate goal of the Quality Assurance Program is to ensure the delivery of the highest possible level of patient care. This includes maximum diagnostic accuracy by dual pathologists’ review of every case, external consultation of difficult cases by nationally recognized physicians, timely reporting of test results, effective communication with clinical staff, and appropriate utilization of laboratory services. 


Quality Assurance includes in-house consultation and case reviews, as well as on-request consultation. 

Each department at Patho-Lab Diagnostics has a senior scientist overseeing and maintaining quality. 


Patho-Lab Diagnostics is approved to be in compliance to OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) according to directive 88/320/EEC in Histopathology testing by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC). 

The Organization for Economic Cooperation & development (OECD) is a part of the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

The accreditation is fully accepted internationally by the FDA and other international regulators. 


The company is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health. 


Patho-Lab Diagnostics Ltd. is accredited by the International certification for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) IQNet, & the ISO 27799:2013 for Information security.


The company having the 2010 MAALA award by the UN Global Compact for community contribution. 


The entire laboratories activities are subjected to continuous and strict quality control and audited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).


The College of American Pathologists (CAP) - College of American Pathologists - is a medical society serving more than 15,000 physician members and the laboratory community throughout the world. It is the world's largest association composed exclusively of pathologists and is widely considered the leader in providing laboratory quality improvement programs 

Our laboratory routinely utilizes several controls to ensure that each assay run has been performed appropriately and according to protocol specifications. Control slides and tissue sections are tested alongside a patient's tissue sample each time the assay is performed. 

Patho-Lab Diagnostics Ltd. ensures sufficient resources and management time devoted to quality. Increasing our clinical trial work and associated quality inspections we have extended scientifically the quality management operations. 

We, at Patho-Lab Diagnostics, have been and continue to be committed to the highest of ethical standards in the conduct of our healthcare and business operations. 

We demand of ourselves full compliance with all local laws. We are committed to preventing, detecting, and disciplining any unethical behavior.

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